Used by nutrition professionals, adapted for their clients

Used by nutrition professionals, adapted for their clients

A platform that provides you with the tools to manage, assess, counsel and monitor clients in less time and with more success.
Check greenPrenatal & paediatric nutrition;
Check greenAutomated calculations;
Check greenMeal plans & recipe creation;
Check greenNutritional assessment;
Check greenClient management & follow-up;
Check greenProgress tracking.
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Grow your nutrition business

Grow your nutrition business

Bye admin tasks, hello more clients. With our web-based software professionals triple their business income and increase their volume of appointments by 77%!
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Improve client relationship

Improve client relationship

Check on your clients safely. All your clients can have your recommendations at hand and chat with you any time on their mobile app.
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Stop wasting time

Stop wasting time

Less time calculating, more time connecting. Pay more attention to clients by saving 30% of the appointment time registering information.
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Get a peek on what you can do

Check everything a meal planning software can be for you. Not only a nutrient analysis software, but also allows you to create meal plans and recipes, manage all your appointments and clients and even create your own website.
Learn about Nutrium: dietary assessment, meal planning and nutrient analysis software for nutrition professionals.
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Say bye to paper records and set your clients up with a mobile app

Send all your clients their recommendations and meal plans, communicate safely with them and improve results together.
Here's what you will be able to do with Nutrium:
Check greenUpdate their recommendations on the spot;
Check greenStay up to date with their progress;
Check greenReduce no-shows with reminders;
Check greenUnderstand their daily struggles.
Say bye to paper records and set your clients up with a mobile app

See what the fuss is all about

From the UK to the US, thousands of nutritionists and dietitians, in more than 120 countries count on Nutrium to get their businesses up and running.
Maeve Hanan
Freelance Dietitian, Health Writer
"I particularly like how customisable the software is as you can choose which features to use, and which features to give your clients access to [on the mobile app]... I love that all the steps of a patient consultation are in one place."
Maeve hanan

More than 30,000 professionals and partners use Nutrium

Our nutrition analysis software is endorsed by several organisations, from small and medium business to international companies, private practices, public hospitals, universities and professional associations.
Nutrium approach to GDPR
At Nutrium we've always been aware of the importance that surrounds personal data privacy and security, be it from nutrition professionals or their clients.
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Explore the docs
How to use Nutrium
Wondering where to start? Check our step-by-step articles to get all the answers you need to master Nutrium.
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Start replacing your messy spreadsheets

It’s personalised. It’s organised. It looks great. And it’s free to try. No credit card needed.